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July 01 2011

Kommt ein Jedi in ne Bar ...

February 17 2011

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November 06 2010

April 01 2010

March 16 2010

Nehmen wir mal an, ich würde jemals ein "LoveMixtape" machen, dann würde es sich so anhören...

March 14 2010

via Pi: Manuel Schulz: Bücher (de)
100.000 decimal places of Pi in a nice litte book.

March 13 2010

Bestellt!Jetzt nur noch warten. Ewigkeiten warten.

March 10 2010

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YouTube - CAKE San Diego 11/29/07 Friend is a 4 letter word

February 10 2010

via Bücher: Pi
Noch kein Geschenk für Valntinstag? Sie wird diese Nummer lieben!
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January 20 2010

December 22 2009 to secret, to be shown?

So, some of you might just heard, that youtube, just as flickr and facebook, has started it's own url shortening service at
It's used in the commen way with<videocode>... nice.
But why the hell, is youtube not implementing it on it's page, for everyone to see? Is it still a secret? Is it beta?

So I made myself a solution: a greasemonkey script, that adds anoter inputfield under the current "URL" field on the left of youtubes videos. (see picture above).

If you like to have it too, yo can get it at (
If you use it, let me know how you like it and if it works for you.

November 24 2009

McDonalds will, zumindest in Deutschland, das Rot seiner CI in Grün ändern, in der Hoffnung damit ökologisch korekter zu wirken. Ob das von Vorteil ist, belibt meines Erachtens abzuwarten. Die Marke ist zwar prominent genug um eine solche Änderung mit nur kleinen Einbußen zu verkraften, aber ob die Kunden dann eher glauben, dass McDonald's zum "Öko" geworden ist, steht auf einem anderen Blatt.

November 09 2009

from Transformers

October 13 2009

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21-year-old computer geek makes £1m with online game

In Torn players earn points and status by carrying out muggings, murders and heists in an imaginary city.

Joe Chedburn, a self-confessed geek, was just 16 when he came up with the idea to write an online game focused on crime.

Torn, which is text-based and has no graphics, grew quickly and now has around 41,000 active users with over 1.3 million account holders.

Although the game is free to play users can pay £3 every month to receive extra points and status.

Most players are willing to pay enabling the site to make around £50,000-a-month. Joe, from Frome, Somerset, is now a millionaire at the age of 21.

He said: “I suppose when I was younger my parents used to tell me off for spending too much time on my computer but they are quite happy with what I am doing now.

“My father helps me quite a lot and I will go to him for advice about the business side of things.

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October 09 2009

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warum liegt...?
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September 17 2009

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They live, 1988 (dir. John Carpenter)

I’m here to kick ass and chew gum.

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August 18 2009

Lemming-Minensucher via NICHTLUSTIG
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August 13 2009

<Flip> Mir fiel grad auf
<Flip> 42 ist ja DIE Antwort, ne?
<Flip> Also folgt ja, dass Pi * Daumen = 42 sein muss.
<Flip> Pi ist ja bekanntermaßen 3.141....
<Flip> Also folgt daraus, dass Daumen ~~ 13,37 ist
<Flip> 1337!
<Flip> \o/

August 01 2009

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Fight And Fuck And Run And Smile
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